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How to choose the right tech stack for your next applications?

To make your mobile application development project rewarding and successful, choosing the right mobile technology stack is vital. The technology stack not only gives your project life but also makes it maintainable, scalable, and committed to your functional requirements. An appropriate mobile stack may result in lower costs and less time for mobile app development. We review the most popular mobile app development approaches and the advanced tech stacks you can use to implement them.

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Must have for website in 2018

I can tell you that 2018 is going to be an exciting and innovative year.

Let’s see what web design trends you can expect to see next year.

1. Bright and bold minimalism and engaging photographic content

Paul Jarvis has been a designer who writes since the 90s and worked with brands like Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft and Warner Music. His work and weekly dispatch can be found at pjrvs.com.

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3 Web Development Trends You Can Expect in 2018


1. Vue JS is getting more popular

Vue was created in 2014 and is gaining in popularity in 2018. It is one of the most lightweight frameworks and it is fast.

VueJS is in a unique position as it is not backed by a major company. While React is backed by Facebook and Angular by Google, VueJS was created by one person, Evan You.

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Planning for a Website Revamp? See How These Successful Companies Got It Right!

Redesigning your website is risky business. It is like redesigning your storefront if you have a brick and mortar business. 

You spend money, time, and resources redesigning, hoping to hit a home run.

The truth is, you’re just as likely to strike out.

We've evaluated hundreds of websites throughout our time and we are very experienced in picking out the good ones and those that try too hard. 

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Three Tips for Using Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Profit

If your business has hit a plateau then it's time to start thinking about changing things up and getting back on the road to making a good profit.

No matter which type of industry or niche your company operates in, the key to a thriving success is to be constantly introducing new and exciting fresh ideas to your marketing strategies to encourage further members of your target market to take an interest and consider making a purchase.

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How to design an experiment for idea testing

Hi all, welcome back to part 3 of our ideation series. In this article we explore about how to design an experiment and testing ideas. 

To recap our previous articles, the result of testing your ideas and assumptions is the collection of the following,
1. Unbiased Data
2. Customer Insights
3. Actionable Steps

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How to approach the ideation process

Hi guys, it’s Kit again. Welcome back to part 2 of our ideation series.

In today’s article we will be tackling the topic of approaching the ideation process. How to keep your ideas simple and the main objectives/output when testing your ideas. So if you remember the previous article, we covered that successful ideas require 2 things. Simplicity and proof of concept.

That falls within the realms of Execution in our equation,

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Traits of a Successful Idea

82.2% of companies failed last year.
That’s a generalised percentage derived from the number of companies incorporated and ceased for the year of 2016. The stereotype of businesses having a high failure rate, doesn’t seem to be a hearsay after all.

But why is there such a high failure or closure rate of businesses? 
Everyone starts a business thinking that they have a successful idea on their hands, one that will bring them results and open up new avenues.

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