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Planning for a Website Revamp? See How These Successful Companies Got It Right!

Photo by Varijanta/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Varijanta/iStock / Getty Images

Redesigning your website is risky business. It is like redesigning your storefront if you have a brick and mortar business. 

You spend money, time, and resources redesigning, hoping to hit a home run.

The truth is, you’re just as likely to strike out.

We've evaluated hundreds of websites throughout our time and we are very experienced in picking out the good ones and those that try too hard. 

 In this post, we’ll be evaluating few companies that got it right.

I stumble upon this website while I am doing a research on this topic. Crayon.co; a design search engine that’s been super useful for coming up with new ideas for some of our clients 

One of the best features Crayon offers is notifications when sites redesign their pages, and the ability to look back at the design before the update for comparison.

I thought it would be fun to break down these design changes to see how they stack up to the previous versions of the site!

These guys are some of the best in the their industry, let’s quickly break down the criteria I’m using to evaluate these pages…


Embreo’s 3 Elements of Optimization

1. Readability:

This is a huge factor that is often overlooked on “non-blog” pages. All too often companies go a little crazy with…

  • typefaces
  • characters per line
  • page breaks
  • bolding
  • colors

You need to stay consistent and make content easy to consume. If your text can’t be read, then your message will get lost.

2. Appearance: 

A professional site design will build trust with new visitors. Authentic imagery, coloration, and a solid visual hierarchy are all crucial factors for your site. You need some sections to stand out more than other and capitalize where it counts.

A site that does this well can subtly accent the most important content while giving the visitor a sense of autonomy.

3. Clarity

If your visitor doesn’t know what the page is about and what’s in it for them in the first few seconds…you’re sunk. The goal here is to:

  • make sure you can properly articulate your offer…
  • make your offer attractive…
  • ensure they know how to take the next step…

Some of the successful companies web redesign will be as follows


Why It's Brilliant

  • It's easy to consume. There is much debate on whether short or long homepages work better. If you choose to do the latter, you need to make it easy to scroll and read -- and that's exactly what this site does. It almost acts like a story.
  • There's great use of contrast and positioning with the primary calls-to-action -- it's clear what the company wants you to convert on when you arrive.
  • The copy used in the calls-to-action "Get Started for Free" is very compelling.
  • FreshBooks uses customer testimonials on the homepage to tell real-world stories of why to use the product.
  • The sub-headline is also great: "Join over 10 million small business owners using FreshBooks." FreshBooks expertly employs social proof -- 10 million is a big number -- to compel its target audience to join their peers and try the tool.



Why It's Brilliant

  • It includes the destination and date search form that most visitors come looking for, right up front, guiding visitors to the logical next step.
  • The search form is "smart," meaning it'll auto-fill the user's last search if they're logged in.
  • The primary call-to-action ("Search") contrasts with the background and stands out; but the secondary call-to-action for hosts is visible above the fold, too.
  • It offers suggestions for excursions and getaways Airbnb users can book on the same site as their lodgings to get visitors more excited about booking their trip on the site. It also shows which of these offerings are most popular among other users.

As what we have mentioned early in the article, Redesigning your website is risky business. If you want to hit a home run on your first try, you know who to contact. You can contact us here





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