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Singapore Web Design studio, Mobile App Development Agency in Singapore. We design, develop and launch and market digital products that change the way people work, play and connect. Our goal is to offer innovative web application and mobile app design, communication and digital marketing solutions, in which we hold your hand throughout the whole life cycle.

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ideation consulting

Regardless the stage of your ideation process, our strategies ensure that the focus is on the problem. This allows for pivots if market feedback is negative and reduces the resources committed before validation. 

We develop ideation strategies to streamline solutions which are then translated into development blueprints and roadmaps, corporate messages or stories

digital marketing

Data. Everybody wants marketing campaigns that yield result but what people do not know is that coming up with a performing marketing campaign is a journey. Campaign need to be constantly optimised based on learnings and from the market. 

We create digital marketing campaigns only for industries and clients that are within the realm of our expertise.

Application development

Our development is led by ideation strategy, keeping applications developed lean and agile. We focus on front-end and back-end programming.

Prototyping is the core of what we do, ensuring that there are ways for core functionalities to be tested before further investments into development.


Branding and design

We transform businesses through purposeful and well-considered design. We create a branding strategy that is optimised for result and guide for businesses to evolve yet always retain the core that will distinguish them within the market. 

We encourage our clients to have visuals that will effectively translate their philosophy.


Company Background

Embreo Pte Ltd is a Singapore based creative agency specializing in responsive website development and online marketing services. Using the latest technologies, coupled with creativity and proficiency, the agency offers web-based IT solutions including corporate website design, content management system (CMS), eCommerce solution,mobile app application development, web application development,and digital marketing. Other services cover interactive media design, social media marketing, mobile application development, web hosting, graphic design, eCard design, eBook design, and professional photography.Embreo Pte Ltd works closely with clients to ensure the content and platforms is an excellent reflective of the brand.

Our Strength

We are always committed to provide services to our clients in the best possible ways. Embreo is dedicate to understand clients' needs and create customized web-based solutions with own unique goals and vision. We create tailor-made websites that range from simple corporate websites with CMS to more complex custom ecommerce solutions, and to even more sophisticated online web portals to achieve the business demands of our clients.

Since 2016, we have collaborated with clients across multiple industries, with sizes ranging from SMEs to Fortune Global 500 companies. We have fostered long-term client relationships with many well-known local companies. With the experience accumulated, we could understand the project demands better and find a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics. We strive to make our work to be innovative, and impressive.

Our Programming Capabilities

Programming languages: Javascript,


  • AngularJS

  • Backbone.js

  • Meteor

  • Mojito

  • Node.js

  • Prototype JavaScript Framework

  • React

  • Vue.js

  • React.js

  • Redux

  • Webix


The best ideas are simple.
Simple ideas have a clear objective to focus on.
Develop faster, gather data earlier and reduces the risk of failure.
We help simplify ideas and optimize them for specific objectives.

The Team

Kit Leong- Strategy Lead

Having previously hustled for his own startup before joining a local development studio, Kit has witnessed the lack of focus on client's growth objectives by vendors coupled with the knowledge gap on startup ideation. 
He believes that strategising and consistent iteration is key to developing great applications and organisations. Kit decided to kickstart his own development studio, Embreo, so that he can adhere to the personal values he wants to deliver to his clients, reshape industries and nurture ideas.


Mizui Leo  - Marketing Lead

With a wealth of experience as a sales and marketing consultant, Mizui helps companies grow to the next level, increase their user based, reach out to new markets and etc. 
She has dabbled in projects across many different industries and possess strong insight into consumer behaviour. Together with a focus on KPIs from her previous experiences in handling SMEs and MNCs clients, Mizui comes up with the positioning strategy and refines it as results comes in.

 Leoda T.  - Creative Lead

Ambition fuelled and visual driven, Leoda believes in creating simple and purposeful designs. Previously hailing from a boutique creative agency, her design mainly focuses on branding, as well as digital and print editorial.
Her approach incorporates a mix of modern aesthetic, functionality, to produce well-considered and balanced designs.

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